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(EXPLICIT CONTENT: This report contains graphic details of sexual abuse of children as it has appeared in numerous locations on Facebook. WND immediately reported images of child pornography and child sexual abuse to the FBI. Censored screenshots published are among the mildest of those found.)


“PedoBear,” a cartoon of a pedophiliac bear pedophiles use to identify each other on Facebook.

As part of an undercover news investigation, WND used alias Facebook profiles and located dozens of child-porn images after “friending” many likely pedophiles and predators who trade thousands of pornographic photos on the social network.

During the investigation, entire Facebook predator communities were easily spotted. Child pornographers use groups as meet-up points to find others with similar interests. Many of the offenders would list similar interests on their profile pages, including terms such as “Thirteen,” “Lolita,” “Justin Bieber,” “incest” and “PTHC (preteen hard-core pornography).” Their activities might include “Receiving nude pics,” and they subscribe to explicit Facebook fan pages posted in plain sight.

Send a flood of 1st-class mailed postcards to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, members of Facebook’s board and top-level management and staff telling them you want this criminal activity to stop.

In most cases, child-pornography traders and pedophiles have two kinds of friends: 1) sexual deviants who have similar interests and 2) unsuspecting children they’ve found and “friended” on Facebook. Many predators will establish a virtual relationship with a child, convince him or her to send provocative photos and even persuade the child to meet with them in person.

The following are actual groups and “likes” currently and/or previously available to site users around the world:

Kidsex Young Preteen Lesbians 10-17 Teen Bisexual Incest (2,119 “likes” on April 19, 2012) PTHC (preteen hard-core pornography) 12 to 13 Boy Sex Young Gay Pics and Movie Trade Gangbanging Hot and Teen Lesbians Bl-wjob Fan Page (1,662 likes on April 20, 2012, mostly girls, some young-looking teens) Young Lesbians Teen Sex Love Little Kids I.ncest Forever Menfor Babygirls Sex Little Girls Nude Teens F–k Young Girls F–k Young Boys

As the name suggests, “PedoBear” is a cartoon of a pedophiliac bear that many pedophiles are using to identify each other on Facebook. At the time of this report, there were 267,064 Facebook “likes” for dozens of pages filled with fan groups containing the term “PedoBear.” In some of those groups, WND found very disturbing imagery.

There appears to be little policing of these groups by the social network.

Despite repeated requests, Facebook did not respond to phone calls and emails from WND about the numerous images, videos or explicit “like” groups favored by sexual deviants.

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