When should a leader lead? A good leader will lead his people even when he is unaware. A mighty leader will look to God for answers and actions verses eagerly responding in haste. The actions we take reflect the direct thoughts in our hearts. What we have seen here (and other events that have taken place in N.Y. recently), is an example of evil and satan’s handy work.

On June 20th 2012, a local Elementary kindergarten class will be graduating as proud soon-to-be 1st graders. The principle (If you can call her that) has declared that NO ONE will be singing”God Bless America” as is tradition in all graduations K thru Graduate School. When an uproar was formed over it, she banned the song all together stating it is not “age appropriate”.

NEW York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott stands behind his principal stating; “You have to really wonder about some of the lyrics in the song, so I have to rely on the principal’s judgment along that line.” This traditional God praising song has been replaced with Justin Bieber’s Baby, a flirty song about teenage romance.

At issue, according to a Department of Education spokeswoman, are lyrics from the tune’s opening verse, “If tomorrow all the things were gone/I’d worked for all my life/And I had to start again/with just my children and my wife.”

Ms Hawkins (principle) states, “We don’t want to offend other cultures.” Okay, so what she is saying is, we don’t want to offend other countries, but it’s okay to offend ours? Well that doesn’t seem logical because the children are United States citizens and the song is our song. Where’s the problem? If someone didn’t want to live in the U.S. and partake in the American experience, then they would not have come here, right? So ultimately the problem lies with her.

Walcott and Hawkins you are a disgrace and you both should be removed from your positions. You have no morals, values and leadership has fled from your veins. You have failed your people. Shame is upon your head. Repent and change your ways.

Perhaps they have already forgotten 9-11. You really think that was just bad luck? needs to get this man and woman “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” dvd so they can see and their eyes be opened. I will pray for mercy upon you and your family for your actions. God will surely judge you accordingly.

On a good note: A Republican lawmakers, Grimm said he was “outraged” that the education department had backed Hawkins’ decision, saying, “The fact that the principal nixed the performance of this patriotic, G-rated song while permitting an inane and age-inappropriate Justin Bieber song about teenage romance only underscores my concern about the skewed views being forced on these students.” “The only thing offensive about any of this is the anti-American message being engrained in our youth,” Grimm said. “We all should be proud to be American and we should never ever apologise for it!” Good for you! Glad to see someone standing up for our country and God.




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