Oh how I love thee, my beloved. You are the East and the West. The Sun and the Moon. You shine your rays upon me and it fills me with your love. My heart longs to be near you and to grow in you. But how may I do this when I have done all I know how? How will we be closer together when the heavens separate us so?

It is your Spirit that speaks to my heart and guides me down the paths to clearer waters. That we may be closer together and I may grow in your knowledge is my desire.

I long to see your sweet face. To hear your sweet voice again. To wash your feet with my tears and wipe them with my hair. This is the only gift I wish in Heaven. I wish for no Big home. No riches or crowns. I only wish to bow before you and serve you. I can stand to the side and if you never gaze upon my face or call my name, but I am close to you then I am justly rewarded. Tears sting my eyes at the thought of not being near you like this now. How I long to sing praises to your face. To see you smile at my horrible singing just because I sing for you.

I wish for you to be proud of my paths that have been walked for you, in you and of you. That you will greet me at the gates and say Welcome home my Bride. For that is who I am. I am the Bride of Yeshua and am humbled that you gave up everything to saved me. I am worthy of nothing but have gained everything regardless. For once I was nothing but now I am something in You.


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