So, my mom was looking for a small breed puppy and I was just surfing the pet listings for her. I came across a set of REALLY cute puppies and emailed for more information. Here is the reply I received:

“Hello Thanks for contacting our  advert ,our puppies are perfect

babies,they are Very sweet and playful they are ready for new home

and  they are all 12 weeks old!! Great Gift for that special someone in

your life!!! they are  spoil  with lots of love and affections,Raised in

our home and very socialized,and each puppy plus  delivery fee will

cost you $105,as  we  have just relocated great with kids & pets,love

to play, and they love  naps on your lap or shoulder or pillow so

which sex  do you need  and where are you located? please kindly

get back to us so that we can update you with some pictures.”

Okay, First off I’m no fool and can see by this email that it is a scammer. But the Spirit urged me to continue to email him and speak to him about Jesus. So I did.

I told him I was from Florida and saw his ad on Craigslist. He replied asking for all my information ect. Like normal scammers. So I got fed up and told him No thank you I’m not interested in dealing with scammers. Here was his reply(Please excuse vulgar language):

“be careful the way you talk to people, who are you calling a scammer? ass hole”

My reply: “God bless you too”

Okay, I have to admit I was a little p-od about being called a bad name however I wanted to kill him with kindness. 🙂 After all that is what Jesus told us to do. To speak words of kindness and turn the other cheek. So I did and this was his reply:

“i’m sorry about me trying to scam you. Just that it’s circumstance around me. i’m an orphan. Soon it will be school reopening and my brother and sister have to go back to school. i have never done scamming before my friends let me into scam when i came to borrow money for my school fees and that of my juniors i’m doing this out of fustration cuz i don’t know what to do. Please help me and alsofind a place in your heart to forgive me. i’m truly sorry. Just that i needed the money for my school fee and that of my juniors.God Bless you.”

I thought about it and decided to pray before replying. I knew that God would give me the right answer and I wanted my answer to be His, so here was my reply:

“Silver and Gold have I none, but that which I do have I give unto you. In the name of Jesus Christ, your financial needs will be fulfilled.  However if this be another lie against Jesus name, may God cast judgment upon your hand and that of your son and your sons son.”

I was praying that he was being honest. I always want the good in people to shine because it gives hope for Jesus to enter their lives. If you can get people happy and open then it opens the door for the Spirit to speak to them. Here is his reply:

i clam that prophecy. Please Mrs i’m truly sorry let me tell you about myself. i call Tamambang David i’m 23 year old from Cameroon from Bamenda now in Mutengene i was a born again. i gave me life to Christ in 2007 bot right now i have falling back from the faith since 2010. i’m from a poor family  i grow up with my grand mum who dead in 2010. when she dead life become on bearable to me so i had to backslide and i’m the first son of my mum and i have 6 junior. when my grand mum dead i started living with my uncle in the city of Buea. i had to stop school cuz there is no money for me to go to school my uncle open a cyber cafe in a nearby town in (Mutengene) where i’m working now. there in that cyber cafe i started interacting with the scammers coming to browse in our cyber cafe just as the Bible says Evil communication corrupt good manners i began to interacting with them before i could know it the let me into scamming since life have been so difficult for me. i wanted to go back to school this year and i needed money to pay my fee and also get an apartment in Bamenda where i meet Chrit so that i can start all over again cuz when i was in Bamenda i had people who supported me in the Lord. people who kept the zeal to save God.

Sorry for i lied again i’m not an orphan but from a very poor background. my mum gave birth to me as a teenager . because of what my dad did by impregnating my mum he has to run away and go to Douala no body know his where about until the time i was born he then came and my grand mum who i grow up with never wanted to set eyes on my dad. My first time of my seeing my dad face to face was in 2008 when we when for our National Youth Convention in Douala by we use to talk on phone but never seen each order. Right now as i’m taking to you i have lost contact with him i don’t know his were about now.

When you send that mail and said ” God Bless you” something struck me from inside and i know you are deferent please i deserve your curse but please have mercy and avert those curses to blessings.

I need a change I have to return to God for a better life in Christ for the say “True life can only be found in him” God Bless you.”

So Jesus is working in his life right now except he is so strung up in evil that it is unreal. Of course we have people who live here who are the same way, so we should pray for them all. Basically we have communicated back and forth and I have become a spiritual leader for him to lean on. I pray for him and hope you will also. He needs it.

My reply:


I forgive because you asked. Jesus said, How can I forgive thee, If you cannot forgive thy brother. If God has cast judgement upon thee, then you must repent of your sins. Even the ones you are unaware of. Those are called trespasses. If you repent, then so will God and He will turn His wrath away from you. This means you must stop scamming people immediately!

As for not having someone to list you up, God has sent you to me, my brother. Your place of work is where God has put you. Shine your faith in Jesus to those who are scamming.  You may be the only one they will ever meet that is filled with the Holy Spirit.


His reply:

Thanks a million my dear sister i pray may the Almighty God Bless you and your house in Jesus name. my Pastor use to tell me this he said “No thing happen to anybody by chance” i believe it God well for this to happen.

I decided to live this town because i want to have a deep relationship with God i want him to restore me. For his world is true in 2 Chron 7:14 and also in Joel 2:25 i want to hold him by this world. please is you have some gospel materials that can help like books massages web sites that I can be making myself busy with God word I will be very grateful so that can bust my faith in God Ro 10:17″ He sent a few pictures of himself and his work life. Here is only a few:

So far we have continued to communicate about Jesus and His blessings upon our lives and family/friends. He is making plans to go back to his hometown where his pastor is at. I pray to be a leader to him and a light in a dark world.

  1. Sam Johnson says:

    Keep up the quality posts

  2. Private says:

    Does he still talk to you?

  3. PR Barkling says:

    Hi, you have a great website. Keep up the good work. Ill check back every so often to see whats new. 🙂

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