To my friends and loved ones,


May God intercede and raise you up spiritually. May you seek Him first in all things and all else be added unto you afterward. May the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ be plentiful in your life and your families. May you grow to love Him as I do and those who love Him more. May we all, as Brothers and Sisters, lift each other up when we begin to fall. Chastise not when correction is Biblically given even when the said person is younger. Listen to your elders and love them dearly for they have not long on this earth but wisdom is great within them. I bind all demons and anti-christ’s in Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s name that may attack you and I when we are becoming closer with God. I cast them out in His name and bind us with the blood of Christ. May your illnesses be healed in Jesus name. Amen


Sister in Christ,



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