My Lord Jesus Christ,

Let these words be not of me but of You. That Your word may be spoken and nothing of me placed within here. Amen.



Okay, I have stated this before the September is going to be a horrible month for America, but the worst is yet to come.

I stated here:

that September was going to be a bad month for our country but I also stated here:

that 7 cities will fall in America. I  have an overwhelming feeling from God that His judgement is just beginning. We are beginning the end and I am here to stay. My faith is strong in the Lord and I know that all the things He has shown me, will come to pass.


So far in September:

Our American embassies were attack September 11’th 2012 and several people injured, one shot and an American Ambassador was killed and then drug through the streets of Libia while the Muslims burned the American flag. If this doesn’t get to you, then you are NOT an American! It may not affect you personally but it affects our way of life in time. It affects the lost lives of the dead. It affects us all when Obama apologizes to the Muslims that killed them and took over our land instead of defending us.

So, he appologized to them but yet sends out 2 war ships to sit off the coast. But for what? Perhaps he will issue an order (Perhaps in retaliation for burning his picture and yelling Kill Obama, since he cares not about his citizens who he works for) to bomb them from off the coast. If this happens, the sleeper cells in America will come out and that is how the 7 cities will burn.

I don’t have a lot of time to write tonight but I will get back to this again soon. Just remeber this:

Isaiah 26:20

Go home, my people, and lock your doors! Hide yourselves for a little while
until the LORD’s anger has passed.

This is when you will hide yourselves. When you get word of the first city burning, hide. Run home and save your family.


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