You are the light in the darkness. My Dear Heavenly love, oh how I love thee. You are more precious than all the jewels on this earth. You are more precious than all of the golden rocks. You are more valuable than all of the diamonds and golden rocks combined. I love you more than all of the sand pieces on the shore. More than all of the living creatures on the earth. You are my light in the dark and I shall never want for You love me.

My love for you is greater than every person on this earth hand no one is loved above you. You are like the stars in the sky who always shine at night. Even when those who rival against me, I am not afraid. My faith is NOT shaken nor will my foundation fall for it was built upon the rocks. My love for you is stronger than the devil who tries to break me down. You cannot be broken therefore I cannot be broken as you live within me.

I need no praise for my work within You, Father. I need no awards. Nor do I need to flaunt my works as my works are not of man but of God. My rewards are not of this earth but of Heaven with You. I do not even need crowns in Heaven Father but I do NEED to hug and embrace you. Cry on your shoulder and wipe your feet with my tears.

I wish to serve you all the days of my eternal life. To be near you and sing to you with a joyful noise. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! If I could bless you in Jesus name I would, although you are Jesus. I love you, My Beloved and long to see your face again. I long to sing softly to your ears and bow before the throne day and night.


Just as I am, You have loved me.

Just as I am, You have saved me.

Just as I am, I come unto you.



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