Well, I have to start out by saying this; I didn’t choose to lead the Stand up for Religious Freedom event. I was commanded to by God. It has been a long road but we are almost to D-Day which is Oct 20th, 2012. When God called me to put this together, I didn’t have a dime to my name, Literally! I am a single mother of 3 with nothing to offer Jesus, except my love and willingness to follow Him. And I DO love Him with everything that I am. He is my light and my Beloved.

Once I knew what exactly He wanted to me to, I told Him He would need to fund the event because I just didn’t have the money. Besides this was His event, not mind. I am just a pair of hands and a voice when needed. Things were going along great but I was reluctant to reserve Porta-Potties, bounce houses etc without the money in hand, but I began to have a pressure in my chest. One that wouldn’t go away. So I asked God what He wanted me to do and how could I help Him.

The message was clear. I was to reserve and trust Him that He would send the money. Not to worry about it either but to just run with it. So, once again, I just went with it and followed Him. This past Saturday, I went to a new Christian Conservative meeting and there were several Congressman’s and congresswoman’s in attendance and they offered to pass a hat around for the Rally I was planning. I was so thrilled at the thought of it that I could hardly contain myself.

To get off subject a bit. During this meeting, the discussion was on the Strengths of the organization at first but then we moved on to the weaknesses. After about 30 minutes of people talking about how much money we didn’t have and how much the libreals did have, I began to have that pressure. A Suffocating pressure in my chest telling me to stand.

Now, just to be clear I have NEVER stood before a crowd. I have never spoken publically nor have I stated my opinions infront of a small crowd. But that day, God stood for me. I don’t think that the people knew what God had planned for them that day. So, just before raising my hand, I prayed because I was afraid. Afraid that my words would come out mine and not His. It would NEVER be my intention to speak on behalf of God. God would have to speak through me and take over, least I say something wrong or not His will.

After sitting with my hand raised for at least another 10 minutes, I was the last person he called upon to talk. When I started to talk, the speaker asked me to stand up. This made my hands shake but I stood up for God. I knew He had something to say.  I introduced myself but then my hearing blank. I could see them staring at me, but couldn’t hear my words. I was not in control of my head, my mouth, my body. God had defiantely taken over and was speaking for Himself. For this I am grateful because I would have surely messed a good speech up. 🙂 To this day, I do not know what was said to them but I do remember telling God (In my mind) to make it quick because the speaker had told the other people, before me, to sit down because they talked to much. I was telling God this while He was talking through me.

I wish I knew what was said because apparently it was great and I was told people were shouting Amen and I saw them clapping. Some had tears in their eyes and others had eyes as big as golf balls. I know I had tears in my eyes also but I always do when the Holy Spirit takes over.

I had to leave at the lunch break to pick my little ones up from their Nannies house but I wish I had stayed. They did wind up passing a hat around and God blessed me with every dime I needed to finish this Rally. Even though times are hard and trials are surely to come, I do know this, I will NOT allow anyone to stand in Gods way. Period! Come heck and high water, Gods word will be heard!

I am no one special people. I am a sinner, saved by grace.

  1. Tisha Shiley says:

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