Today, word has been received that the United Nations (Not United States) troops are ON our land with the purpose of monitoring the election day at the polls.  According to the “Monroe Doctrine of 1823 it’s Against our Constitution for any UN forces OR Troops to be in this country (United States of America) during our Elections.  Here is a list of the cities:  .  Check to see if your city is listed on here and make sure you contact your Sheriff’s office.

   This is an outrage and the American people will NOT stand for it! The UN has been sticking their nose in our business for YEARS and it must be stopped now. In no way is this acceptable under any circumstances and the government at hand is pushing our surrender to them unwillingly. We the people will no longer stand for this and if any of their soldiers are seen, contact the Sheriff’s office immediately to have them arrested. Do NOT let these invaders take our land. Obama is trying to create an uprising with the people here so that he can issue martial law. Do not attack these men, call the police. NOW, with that being said, if you see the raising arms against any of our citizens, we must protect our people at all costs. We can no longer afford to stand down to tyranny and must bring our rights to bear arms out again and use them when needed.

The Texas States Attorney stated in a public speech that if any troops were seen on their property, they will be arrested at once! This goes for EVERY state in America. This is my land, this is your land but it sure as HELL ain’t their land. Time to go home boy’s!

  1. The UN doesn’t send “troops” to observe elections, just guys in suits, watchers who take notes. They do it all over the world, anywhere there’s a suspicion one side or both might be trying to rig the results. If nobody’s going to try and cheat, why would anyone fear outside observers?

    I do understand your position about sovereignty, but to me this is a non-threat.

    • pinkpagoda says:

      Whether they wear suits or not is irrelavent, they are soldiers, period!

      Why would outsiders need to enter a country who does not support them? Why would a country who is trying to take over the world, need to come into ours? Why would they only station themselves at State Capitals? Why are Congressmen/women, States Attories and others speak out against this if it is not a “Bad issue”?

      You are wrong (non-threat) and those who are legal Natural born citizens, Amerincan Freedom Loving Men/Women will understand my statements (Feel the same) and those who politcally support me.

      “Invisble Mikey”, I am not willing to be invisible, as we must stand up for our country!

    • Billy Joe Redneck says:

      it’s not about them being a threat to us Americans……’s the fact that they don’t belong here nor are they wanted here nor will we allow them to be here. We have guns and will forceably remove them and send them back to where they came from in body bags. Foreign troops for ANY reason will NOT be tolerated here on American soil. END OF SUBJECT.

  2. Vince says:

    Interesting. Why would they come and not do something?

  3. Cam says:

    Well at least they didbt cause issues. Although I believe they were here to cause Obama fraud. They needed to ensure his win

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