Jobs and whose doing them, or not?

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Politics
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We just lost an election that should have gone to Romney. We worked HARD to ensure voters were educated and had the ability to cast their votes. Yet, Obama walked away with the seat (That is typically EMPTY) as president of the United States Of America. My thought’s?

Let me first say this; IF Romney was a man of his word, he would pursue this further! We all KNOW that voter fraud allowed BO to take office and there is factual evidence to this but yet Romney has just disappeared and “nothing further you honor!” Humm… Sound right to you? ….  I didn’t think so. This man is NOT doing his job.

Allen West, He IS doing his job! We KNOW there is voter fraud down state and he is holding them to it. Filing injunctions to lock up the ballot boxes to allow an HONEST company to recount them. This man deserves another medal, or something!

I know that everything happens for a reason, but I can tell you for sure, Obama is THE Anti-christ not just an anti-christ. Another thing, NOTHING will come between me and God. Not even Obama himself!


UPDATE: (This is what I was talking about for those who base comments on false information)

Military Ballots arrive after election complete.


Voter Fraud:

This is just ONE example of fraud committed



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