Oh Lord, How I love thee. Your word is my delight. I almost always think of You. My greatest possession is Your Bible. You gave this to me and have taught me great and mighty things with this. Without this Your word would be hidden within my heart. No man can take from me the Love and Knowledge you have instilled within me.

 Your return is emanate and will be sooner than later. I pray Father God that You will use me. Mold me into a tool You can use for Your glory, for my feet are Your’s and are built upon a solid foundation. A foundation built upon Your word and my hands are Your hands. Please make them strong. I release myself to You Father, for Your will and glory. I wish to Honor You and not man. I wish to work for You, not man.

Please Father, I beg of You to forgive me of my sins and transgressions. Let me come unto You holy and righteous. Let me kneel before You Father sinless. Although I bare the cross daily, I still fail You. Please change me. Please make me more like You and less of me. Make me a better mother, sister, friend and daughter. Let me love my enemies and when they encamp around me Father, I beg for their forgiveness. That You will prosper them so that they will forget about me and move on. That you will protect myself and my children and family. Please have mercy upon your servant. Please know and hear my love for You.

You are my only love Beloved. Please read the tablets upon my heart. Oh Lord and place Your hand upon this humble ones head. See the tears of mourning in my eyes, for my sins put You on the cross and killed You. Yes, i am forever thankful that You loved me that much but I wish there had been another way. I would gladly have born that cross for You.


Please Father, place me in a position to impact my people. Turn their hearts back to You Father. I am willing to help and be used, Oh Lord. For I love you dearly, Abba Father. You know I do. You know my heart. Search me, Oh Lord, and rid ALL manors of evil from me and my family so that we can work for You. I am willing.


To those who may read this, Are you willing to take up your cross and follow Him?

  1. Hamal says:

    I don’t believe I have ever met someone with such faith before. God must love you something ferce

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