Okay, so we just posted how to make Amish bread:


and now here is the butter that goes with it.

  • Any amount of cream
  • sea salt (optional)
  • A little milk (if needed but nessisary, in the blender about half way through.)

Okay, when I say cream, it can be heavy cream, sour cream, etc. I use heavy cream but

that turns into sour cream and THEN butter so it doesnt matter.


Blend cream (What ever you have on hand) for 5 minutes or so minutes. It may take longer if your blender is like mine (Cheap)

Once you see it separate into butter and buttermilk, stop the blender and let it cream sit for a minute or two as the butter rises

Pour the buttermilk into another container, using a spoon to press as much buttermilk out. (I save for other recipes and also for future butter. I use it in lue of my milk)

You can use it now if you wish but if you want to save for more than a few days, you need to wahs it out.

You can do this by pouring ICE cold water into the blender and mixing for 30 seconds. Any longer and you will chop the butter up and wont be able to use it (I know, I’ve tried)

After you’ve washed the butter, pour off the water. Squeeze out the last dregs of the buttermilk with a spoon and what’s left is butter.

Mix in salt if you wish. Enjoy



For our bread,   About half way through cooking in the oven, I lather this stuff on and it creates the BEST top

to the bread. Trust me, try it out and I know you’ll love it!



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