When I ran to you, Abba Father.

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

If you know me, even in the least bit, then you know God has been changing me over the last year. It’s kind of been a “washing” period. A time for clean up, per se.

This song means the world to me because it is me. He sings about running to our Lord and Him embracing him into His arms out of love and compasion. Something I hope to do with my siblings one day. Something I hope to do with others when their eyes have been opened and hearts turned toward God.

They just don’t understand who I am yet and some cannot even fathem it. No, I was a bad or horrible person but I have been judged poorly and at times disgarded to the side. My husband (soon to be ex) disgaurded me and our children without a second thought. Yes, it hurt then, but it no longer does and God has healed my heart and soul. My chuildren have never been happier and things are going well for us. God has blessed and has stepped in as a husband and father where he has fallen short. For this I am thankful and even though my children are small, they understand it. I just pray that my children do not stray from God to make the same mistakes I did.


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