A witness among men and a humbly led by God to fulfill His work, whatever that may be. I pray for my enemies and their families that they may find Him and learn what peace is truly about. What love is really like and what salvation can bring them. May all who read this, be blessed and grow spiritually with Christ.

At night my devotions are blessings from God. There is never a day that goes by that God doesn’t show me something or speak to me in ways He deems appropriate. I can honestly say I am in love with Him and He is mine and I His. My love for Him is as the meadow of lilies. They flow left and right singing praises unto the most High Prince, tilting their heads toward Heaven smiling, forever standing in awe with the light of His glory.

My love for you, Father, is as the shining star in the Heavens whose light is the first at night and the last in the morning. You are my shining light that guides me and directs me. Your love for me shows through your wisdom and knowledge you give to me. Through the love you place deep within my heart where no man can separate us. Our bond is as steel, who has a fire hot enough to melt it? No not one! Amen


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