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Oh how I love you Father. For You are everything in me. You are the breath I breath and the life I lead. May the works of my hands reflect the love You have. Let me mouth speak only the truth from You. When I speak publicly, let my lips move only by Your words and my ears be held closed so that I do not fumble my words. The only two speeches I have given, you have spoken through me and I know not Your words. Even to this day.

I love YOU, Father. I LOVE You with everything that is in me and everything that is in me, is because You have made me. When I sing Your sweet songs tears roll down my face. When I hear others sing for you, tears roll down my face. Your love has no boundaries and if this is so Father, then I need more territory. I need more land to fill up with love. I NEED more of You because I can’t get enough of You. I know I ramble a lot my Beloved but I just cannot help it. Just the thought of how much You care of me makes my heart overflow. (Do you feel the same?)

Please, Father God, relieve the stress that I now carry and fill that place with peace. I hold no ill feelings against anyone but allow me the peace you kindly bestowed upon me to release any stressful thoughts.