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I am so thankful for the event. I am thankful that no matters of evil came up against me. Although, with God as my foundation, no one can rise against me. I know this for I belong to Him and His will, will be done.


Here are some pictures of God’s event this past weekend. I am truly honored and humbled by His love and kindness toward me and I pray I will be the witness He needs me to be.


This is our FREE table. There were a lot of signs, American Flags, Pin-Wheels and information available to all.





Here is the national Banner for the event. So glad to have been apart of something Historical!



This is an awesome group called Blue Sky Bluegrass. They are a Christian Bluegrass band that ROCKED the park on Saturday! They were heeding the call of Christ and I am thankful they were a part of the event also.



I was really glad to see that crowd had taken it upon themselves to bring their own signs. We had several but it was really neat to see them Standing up for Christ and what they believe in. The moment we stand down, is the moment our freedoms slip away.


This group of men and women, Let Freedom Sing, were faithful loving Solders of Christ and I was glad they joined us. I met with almost every member and they have a passion and love for Him. I enjoyed meeting them all and look forward to having them back.


Ben Clapper, what a phenomenal speaker and God has truly given this man a gift. He is chop full of knowledge and an open book. He knows what is what with the HHS Mandate and has a passion for God. If you need a speaker, contact me and I will forward his info to you.


Well, we have tons of pictures available on the Facebook Page. Feel free to check them out.


God Bless.

I’m off to start planning. 🙂